Serengeti DUCCIO

Color: satin dark tortoise polar phd drivers (8218)

  • Color: Satin dark tortoise polar phd drivers (8218)
  • Brand: Serengeti
  • Genre: Woman and Man
  • Model: Serengeti DUCCIO
  • Reference: SE06315A62213
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Colors of this model:
Serengeti DUCCIO

  • $188
    Satin dark tortoise polar phd drivers (8218)
  • $216
    Shiny carbon fiber polar phd 555nm (7900)
  • $216
    Crystal dark charcoal polar phd drivers (7899)
  • $216
    Satin blackpolar phd 555nm (7817)
  • $216
    Satin black polar phd drivers (7812)
  • $216
    Crystal dark brown polar phd cpg (7811)
  • $216
    Crystal photochromic brown polar phd drivers (7901)
  • $216
    Crystal dark grey polar phd cpg (7816)

Serengeti DUCCIO

This model belongs to the Genus collection. This serie of sunglasses is made ​​from Trivex material, which is lightweight but very strong. In this collection the frames and the lenses are fully integrated and the models combine design and technology. Serengeti Duccio sets you in luxurious comfort, visual acuity and quiet sophistication --- truly in a class above the rest.

The Serengeti Duccio has been featured in several magazines and top blogs including GQ, Men’s Journal and Practical Travel Gear. The brand itself is a favorite among Hollywood celebrities such as Patrick Dempsey of Grey’s Anatomy, Luke Perry of Beverly Hills 90210, and Val Kilmer of Batman Forever. Serengeti applies their proprietary Polar PhD™ technology in Duccio sunglasses. To its fans, this simply translates to superior quality lenses that are a cut above the usual offerings in the market. The brand is known have one of the best driving lenses, but if truth be told, there’s a lot more science and innovation packed in them. There’s photochromic technology, spectral control technology, polarization, advanced polarization surface, oleo-phobic technology, double sided coating, seven-layer broadband and many more. Indeed, Serengeti is a promising sunglasses brand that continually impresses and astounds its loyal following with its latest collections that not only features the best designs, but also the latest in lens technology. The Serengeti Duccio is made of a combination of stainless steel and Trivex®. Stainless steel is a decent alternative to titanium, lightweight, non-corrosive, and hypo-allergenic. Meanwhile, Trivex®, as used in both frame and lens, is a lightweight material and applied with a multitude of advanced technologies. Looking at its technical specifications, Duccio proves to have been made with the greatest attention to the minutest detail. It has a generous base curve of 6 Rx and temple length of 130MM. The lens size measures 60 x 38 x 65MM and distance between lenses is at 16MM. The frame features Stainless Steel/Trivex®, Adjustable Nose Pads They fit medium universal facial structures in both men and women. OnlyLens offers the Serengeti Duccio in various lens type and colours, including Crystal Dark Brown Polar PhD CPG (7811), Satin Black Polar PhD Drivers (7812), Crystal Dark Grey Polar PhD CPG (7816), and Satin BlackPolar PhD 555nm (7817).In addition, we provide shipping and tracking information, and online customer support in several languages.

Serengeti DUCCIO - Frames technology

  • Adjustable, optical nose pads and temple tips

    On select models like this, the nose pads can be adjusted to fit each individual nose bridge comfortably. The adjustable temple tips allow for a snug fit behind the ears

Serengeti DUCCIO -Frames Materials


    This material has the half of the weight of other sunglasses because combines the performance demands of adventurous travellers with all-day comfort. For the production of this frame Serengeti use a nitrogen infusion which allows the material to comfortably conform the head without degradation.

Serengeti DUCCIO -Lens technology

  • Polar PhD Lenses

    The Polar PhD lens offers a great visual acuity and the best protection against UVA/UVB rays. These lenses won the coveted international Silmo d’Or Award for innovation and performance. Just like all Serengeti lenses, Polar PPhD has Photochromatic, Spectral Control® and our proprietary polarizing technology. This advanced polarized surface technology applies the polarizing effect into the lenses at a microscopic level, embedding all tis properties.

  • 555nm®

    These lenses are named for the part of the spectrum that the eye sees the most easily, the 555nm are great for bright conditions. The lenses manage the yellow and green light to allow the eye to relax, and the mirror coat protects them against the glare.


    The amber-coloured Drivers lenses intensify the colours, the contrast, the lightening and the darkening for an optimal light transmission in any driving condition. The ability to relax the eye muscles reduces the stress and the fatigue.

Serengeti was born in Florida in 1985. Before long, the brand positioned itself in the market because its polarized sunglasses and the unique combination of the features of the lenses. Serengeti sunglasses are considered the most technologically advanced eyewear in the world.

Among other features, Serengeti sunglasses have a spectral control selective filter for the light waves; photochromic tecnology; automatic adjustment to ambient light, ideal for low-light and high brightness; UV protection thanks the single lens that blocks 100% UVB and 98.5% UVA; surpassing all standards in force. They also have anti-reflection coating that prevents the retroreflection. Italia Independent only used optical glasses polished and ground to provide overall image clarity. The borosilicate glass resists scratching because the chemical hardening provides resistance test dropping a steel sphere. This test is unique to each crystal. The polarization eliminates glare and reduce eye fatigue.

With these technical qualities , Serengeti sunglasses are ideal for driving and for airline pilots . Besides its spectacular specifications, Serengeti works with elegant frames and a timeless style adapted to a demanding public.

The brand have been the choice by famous personalities like Val Kilmer , Peta Wilson, Patrick Dempsey, James Alain Prost or Denton.Serengeti combines all the qualities you look for your sunglasses : performance, style , protection and style.

Delivery conditions and terms

Delivery conditions and terms

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Refund conditions and terms

Refund conditions and terms

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