Maria Carolina Josefina Pacanins Niño, daughter of the Governor of Caracas and known as Carolina Herrera, belongs to an important family of Venezuela. When she was 13, her grandmother introduced her to Balenciaga. In 1969 she got married with Reinaldo Herrera, and she took his surname. When she was 32 she was considered one of the nicest dressed women of the world. In 1981, Carolina decided to enter in the world of fashion and create her own brand. Her collection was so successful that in one year she was already creating clothes for the princess Elisabeth of Yugoslavia, Ivana Trump, Nancy Reagan or Jacqueline Kennedy.

Carolina Herrera sunglasses have a natural elegance and style. She is one of the most important designers in United States and Latin-American. Her designs are able to interpret the needs of the women who like luxury without excesses. Carolina Herrera sunglasses have classic shapes and high-quality materials. Their simply beauty designs express sophistication, feminity and a timeless emotion.

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